When a big iron-casting factory went bankrupt in the mid-sixties in Volos, Nikos Tsakas’ father established his foundry. The Tsakas workshop makes semi-finished goods and spare parts for industrial and agricultural machinery and is also working on art casting for the church and artists.

“During the summer months I helped out in the workshop. I remember making my first pair of sandals when I was twelve years old. I was so proud.”Olgianna Melissinos (sandal maker)

The Mentis ribbon weaving company is located at 6 Polyfimou Street, not far from the Benaki museum in Pireos Street. The manufacture that was donated to the Benaki museum by the Mentis family in 2011 is run as a living museum and allows the public an insight into the traditional production methods of ribbon weaving.

Before Olgianna Melissinos opened her sandal workshop and thereby continued the family tradition she was working in IT. Melissinos sandals are famous all over the world. For film stars and celebrities of the 60s they were part of the Greek flair. Nowadays Olgianna cooperates with international fashion companies.

„A pot like this you will only buy once in a lifetime, it is indestructible.” Stamathis Pipinas (coppersmith)

Rather than spending time alone in their kitchen in the mountain village of Vizitsa, Andromahi Karagiannopoulou and her friends prefer to cook together. The cheerful group of women has turned a tradition into a business model and has founded a women’s cooperative.

“The boats are like children for me.”Yannis Lekkas (boatyard owner)